A second chance

Congratulations are in order. Your application has been successful and we would like to offer you a place on Transcontinental No. 7.

It’s not the first time I’m reading this.

Two years ago, I started, but never finished TCR No. 5.

The logical thing would be to start training right away. But I stupidly hurt myself just a few days ago and am supposed to rest. Ok then, just another week of taking it easy and hoping for the best. At least I’ve ridden 800 km since Christmas, so there’s that to recover from. The weather isn’t too inviting either. After a couple of days I’m terribly bored. But it’s safer inside, right? Well, today I fell down the stairs in my house, all the way from the first floor down to the door. I wish I was kidding. With both hands full and staring at my phone (…), my foot slipped and before I know it I’m at the bottom lying on my back in shards of the bowl I was just carrying. Elbow and wrist hurt like hell. The year is only 13 days old and I already fell off my bike on New Year’s Day, then tore a muscle fiber in my back while trying to carry a table and now I fall down the stairs. There were years that started better. I hope this is just getting all of the bad luck out of the way early, because it is going to need a whole lot of good luck to get me to the finish line this time. And getting there healthy is one of the biggest challenges.

The route demands a lot of planning, I might need a new bike. There is a lot to think about and just over 6 months to go.

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